Church Partners

Our Four Stage Launch Plan

Stage 1 | Launch Team Development 

assemble a large team of diversely gifted, missionally motivated people that will partner together to help make Restoration Church happen

Stage 2 | Preview Services/Development 

monthly services (6 months before launch) reaching and gathering more people to the new church, developing effective ministry systems, practicing what you’ll become

Stage 3 | Soft Launch Weekly Services 

continuing to reach and gather, refining the ministries, getting the systems right, acting “as if”

Stage 4 | LAUNCH DAY 

launching for accelerated growth and impact, unfettered outreach & evangelism, robust ministry systems

Partner Monthly
In order to effectively launch strong and reach the people of the Franklin, Kentucky area, we need partners who are willing to give financially. The Church isn’t built by the talents of a few people, but the sacrifices of many. Be a part of investing in what God is doing at Restoration Church. Your generosity will allow us to launch strong and maintain a high level of excellence in what we do.
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Mission Trips to Franklin
Who wouldn’t love to be known for their extraordinary generosity? When you serve in the community and around the world, you get the opportunity to meet the real-life needs of people from all walks of life. We think you’ll find that giving your time improves your life as much as it improves the lives of those you serve. We need church teams to and help us with outreaches in our launch process.
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Scheduled Outreaches

February 27 — TBD

March 27 — TBD

April 24 — TBD

May 8 — Strawberry Festival

June 16-18 — Community Wide Food Distribution

July 18-24 — Children’s Outreach

August 11-14 — Garden Spot 5k Walk / Run

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