Restoration Church is a Jesus-centered church plant in Franklin, KY  led by Pastors David & DeAnna Crawford.  We’ve been called to reach those who declared they would never step foot in a church and those who said they would never go back.

One important thing to know is this: We are a bunch of imperfect people, on an imperfect journey, but we are chasing a perfect God. Our heart for everyone that engages with us, is you would find real and full life in Jesus!



Prayer is our first response! We know prayer aligns us to the heart of God and strengthens our faith to believe and see God do the miraculous.  We value the commitment of people who are willing to pray for us. We would be honored if you would sign-up for our monthly updates and stay up to date on what God is doing at Restoration Church Franklin.


One of the greatest ways to impact the church and the Franklin area is to send a mission team at strategic times throughout the year. There will be numerous times when it would greatly benefit the church to receive mission teams to help with various projects and community outreach. We would love your commitment to organize mission teams to serve the church and the community.


We’re believing God to connect us with Launch Team Members to help us plant Restoration Church! We are looking to build a launch team of over 70  people before we launch. Launching a new church is an opportunity to see God move. Pray about joining with our current families to help launch Restoration Church Franklin.


In order to effectively launch strong and reach the people of the Franklin, Kentucky area, we need partners who are willing to give financially. The Church isn’t built by the talents of a few people, but the sacrifices of many. Be a part of investing in what God is doing at Restoration Church.  Your generosity will allow us to launch strong and maintain a high level of excellence in what we do. We would value your commitment to giving financially either as a one-time gift or by establishing a multi-year partnership.

We are actively working toward leading a church plant in Franklin, Kentucky.

Our goal is to launch Restoration Church Franklin by the end of the Fall of 2021.  God has brought us to this place in our journey, for such a time as this, and we’re excited to start this new chapter. We’ve been called to reach those who declared they would never step foot in a church and those who said they would never go back. God has used our thirty years of ministry experience to equip and prepare us to bring Restoration to this region and to raise up the next generation of marketplace and church leaders.


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