Our Four Stage Launch Plan

Our goal is not just to make it through the first year, but to be a church for God in 5, 10,
and 50 years. The first year, though, takes a lot of focus! Here are the 4 stages of our
Launch, and some of the focus points for each stage.

Stage 1 | Launch Team Development

Our goal in this stage is to build the foundation and vision of our church, grow a committed Launch Team of committed adults, build excitement, do evangelism, and get ready for Stage 2 (Preview Services). We will train for evangelism, invite new people to join our Launch Team, identify gifts for ministry, visit church plants, and eat a lot together!

Stage 2 | Preview Services/Development

Our goal in this stage is to begin to have monthly services and really work on inviting new people to be part of our church.  On the weeks we don’t have our Preview Services, we will have serving and connection events. This stage allows us to begin our key ministries and worship service, and at the same time “work out the kinks” – people are invited to be part of the new work, and be part of our church as we improve.

Stage 3 | Soft Launch Weekly Services 

 Our goal at this stage is to continue to reach new people, with a solid core of people coming to our weekly services. At this point, we also hope that much of our church is plugged into serving in ministry, as we continue to reach and gather, refining the ministries, getting the systems right.

Stage 4 | LAUNCH DAY

This is our official Grand Opening, and while we are still a church plant, the “launch” stages are over. In this stage our goal is to continue to gain momentum and excitement, impact lives, connect people to Christ as we serve our community.

Restoration Partners

In order to effectively launch strong and reach the people of the Franklin, Kentucky area, we need partners who are willing to help in various ways.

Everything we do at Restoration Church happens through the generous investing and giving of people and partner churches who support the mission to tell people about Jesus and all he has done for us. All gifts -- big, small, tiny, ginormous -- matter.

Become A Partner  TODAY!

Mission Trips to Franklin

Who wouldn’t love to be known for their extraordinary generosity? When you serve in the community and around the world, you get the opportunity to meet the real-life needs of people from all walks of life. We think you’ll find that giving your time improves your life as much as it improves the lives of those you serve. We need church teams to and help us with outreaches in our launch process.

Scheduled Outreaches

June 16-18 — 
Community Wide Food Distribution
July 18-24 — 
Children’s Outreach
August 11-14 — Garden Spot 5k Walk / Run

For more information, email info@restorationfranklin.church

Download Restoration Launch Booklet